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New Room Interior Design For Hair Salon by Nuno Capa

The Project was New Room. The Client was Pedro Remy. The Architect was Nuno Capa. The Design was João Loureiro.

New Room became the latest space of the Portuguese hairdresser Pedro Remy. Hosted in the city of Braga, the architect Nuno Capa designed this innovative space. It was contemporary and minimalist.It aimed to keep sight of the initial construction raw elements such as structural elements in concrete, these dialogues with the intervention of new fixed elements.

The visual balance of a relaxing, comfortable and informal environment was ensured. The spatial fluidity for those who circulate was promoted. A special and different character to the workroom was given.


Alongside innovation, New Room provided an extensive menu of hairdressing and aesthetical services, targeted to customers who worried about their image and looking for new trends. Our own academy trained the stylists to ensure a high quality service, always directing their attention to the customer’s life concept, personality, personal habits, appearance and hair type.

This workspace was also a training academy. It purposed to support all hairdressing and make-up professionals. In the schedule planned continuous and quality training in the area of new methods and practical techniques.

The business training in management of hairdressers, leadership and motivation of teams, marketing, among others, would increase the diversity of educational knowledge offer, differentiation factors and today’s professionals.

An equal degree of knowledge for all professionals was recommended, in order to glamorize this as one of the most important artistic interventions in the area of beauty that came with the past, present and future of human civilization.

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New Room was a new change, modernity and sharing knowledge for everyone’s future. T he value of the concept and lifestyle was maximized for all our customers.

The modern interiors for a hair salon in Braga, Portugal, were completed by Portuguese studio Nuno Capa. The interior design showed translucent curtains to partition the space into smaller zones. Designed for hairdresser Pedro Remy, exposed concrete showed throughout the room interior and the areas requiring a bit more privacy are divided using corrugated metal. Workstations were enclosed double height curtains running on circular tracks to create semi-private booths. The salon had function as a training academy. Photographs were by Rui Pires.

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