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My Caravan Studio

The interior possessed a pyramid-shaped ceiling and wooden platforms of differing heights that form steps, tables and flooring.

My Caravan Studio with a Lumpy Red Resin Wall by Paul Coudamy

In order to enjoy the large amount of space available and also because the requirement’s client of traveling, the apartment was acted as a caravan where space was exploited and rationalized as much as possible. Interacting with the outside thanks to the setting of three large windows, the configuration of an open space in the center of the habitation was enabled by a customized mobile furniture system.

My Caravan Studio with a Lumpy Red Resin Wall by Paul Coudamy.


Thanks to the fixation of wheels under the pieces, the inhabitant’s needs of movement and adaptability within his activities were suitable with the furniture. The two main poles of the interior were the bed and the kitchen.

On the one side, an entrance was created by an elevated block on the one side, while on the other side a large cooking space was covered by wooden strips. The center of the apartment, there was a field for many different activities: a friendly space to have a coffee, a giant pillow sofa to watch a movie, a table to share a dinner with friends, a bed for guests to rest.

Under the elevated bed, there were a dressing, a storage space, a table, six seats and a bench as well as a small and a large dresser. A minimalist space created by wooden pieces of furniture of various species was inseminated organic forms.

Behind a rounded and irregular wall, there was the intimate space of the bathroom, where was concealed. A mysterious red cave interlocked by the kitchen block, was created by this setting. As the ceiling suspends blown glass cocoons diffusing a variant ambient light, the sensual and organic shapes of the lightning contrast with the sharp regular furniture.


A residential interior in Paris divided by a lumpy red resin wall was designed by French designer Paul Coudamy. Called My Caravan Studio, about the interior design, there was furniture made from a variety of timbers and laminates that could be reconfigured according to the inhabitant’s activities. Photos were by Benjamin Boccas.

The design was Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio. The structural engineer was Mitsuda Structural Consultants. It was completed on August 2007. The total floor area reached total 51.78 square meter.

Shelf-Pod became a private residence located in Moriguchi City, Japan. The client had an extensive collection of books on the subject of Islamic history, so this architecture was not only designed for living, but would have the maximum capacity for its storage and exhibition.

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