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Mixing And Matching Methods For Window

It is always good to have mixing and matching of affordable window treatments whether you want to have privacy as well as certain functionality and control over the light as well or you only want to have nice colors and patterns. There is a wide variety of shades and patterns are available, and you can surely do numbers of combination with the help of those. Below-mentioned are the tips which can help to mix and match window treatments:


  • Layering a light:

Layering a black-out shade with some lighter coloring shade is the best and nicest combination for the window treatment. It helps to control light which is dependent on the time of the day and also gives the best and fine look to your background colors according to your personal preference. Naturally, it is the best option for using in bedrooms and living rooms.

  • Playing with Patterns:

If you want to have more excitement in your windows, and you are scaring just because it can look bolder, you can have a nice combination of subdued solid and patterned shade which can create a perfect balance as per your requirement. There is a variety of shades and decorations available with the designs created by many famous designers.

  • Two Textures:

You can combine your textures rather than giving neutral look to your window treatment. There are plenty of beautiful woven wood shades are available in multiple styles which come under bamboo, grass, and other various patterns, which are versatile and beautiful at the same time. They look colorful and beautiful with solar shades, roller shades, and Drapery.

You can make a use of woven woods to keep your windows natural, calm and stylish at the same time. In this way, you can go bolder for the rest of your spaces. There are multiple choices available when we can have the perfect combination of darker and the lighter shade, and your window will look beautiful and attractive at the same time.

What is the purpose of window, sometimes it is just that we want a natural light to be inside our home, but sometimes it is possible that we want to have clean darkness inside the room, when there is a child present and it is sleeping, it is ok to have an open window in the daytime but at night it is obvious and important to have a proper security and privacy so, it is important that windows must provide us a privacy as and when required as well as appropriate security as and when required.

You can visit various showrooms and expert design consultants to get your window treatment one in an efficient manner. There are numbers of shades available in different stores in different localities, it is just that you need to have a proper eye on colors and shades, and then you are almost there to have a unique combination for your windows. Use different textures and shades, and make it more elegant!

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