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Stack-On IWC-55 Full-Length In-Wall Cabinet

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Could you be the victim of a home invasion?

How will you protect your home and valuables?

Are your guns accessible to curious children?

Do you keep a loaded gun in your house?

Your intentions are good nobody is going to question that but what if your gun is stolen?

No doubt it will be used in another crime. If your gun is discovered by a curious child your life will be changed in a bad way forever. We feel safe in our homes it’s where we relax its where we eat meals with our family members ts where we raise our children. So, Stack-On IWC-55 Full-Length In-Wall Cabinet by gun safe review is used to protect your guns from children and important valuable things from others.

in wall safe

If you own a protracted gun or 2 and don’t wish to interrupt the bank for a secure, the Stack-On IWC-55 is simply the in-wall gun safe you need! It permits you to store up 3 handguns, 2 to 3 long guns additionally as spare magazines.

Nowadays In-wall Gun safes are also coming in the form of small biometric gun safe. It means biometric system is also available in In-wall Gun safes.

It even comes with a little steel shelf to store many of these ammunition boxes you have got lying around. The shelf is removable and provides extra area once required. Some purchasers have adorned pistols in the middle of the safe, therefore rather than storing ammunition, you may droop any handguns within.

The bottom interior, at the side of the shelf, has been lined with foam to stay your long guns from obtaining broken and it adds slightly of grip to carry all of your things in situ. This gun safe comes with a 3-year assurance just in case something were to happen to that. And for all of you living in an American state, this is often associate approved safety by California’s Justice.

Featuring a 3-point protection system, this model from Stack-On is cheaper than most alternative models within the same value vary, that may be a vast advantage if you’re on a budget. Since the safe is flush with the wall (about 3/8ths in. out), you’ll realize that it’s straightforward to hide. additionally, with the safe being high enough (as it’s put in within the wall), you do not need to worry concerning babies trying to achieve entry.

The interior dimensions are 14″ W x 3-7/8″D x 53-1/4″W. Remember, you’re putting in this into the wall, therefore it can’t be too deep, therefore the little storage variety of long guns.

The lock with this safe may be a straightforward key lock, therefore you’ll wish to stay it in a safe location and not act.

This gun safe is presently sold on Amazon for an honest value. you would possibly wish to browse the reviews on the page, though. many individuals had to bother with it being shipped. Some individuals got broken safes and had to come them.

When you get your gun safe, make certain to check out the lock, open and shut the door, and examine it for any damages from shipping. Amazon’s exchange policy is typically pretty straightforward.

If you would like to skip the effort of worrying concerning it being broken in shipping, take a glance at the opposite long gun choice we have a tendency to review. It’s the foremost standard choice, though slightly a lot of expensive.